Porcelain Ouimi in “Enfant Gatée” (Spoiled Child)

Ma Petite Folie Mdvanii 1989 (Prototype 1987)

Anne Karenine Mdvanii

Plaza Mdvanii

This hairdo for Mdvanii had an enormous effect upon doll collectors and Mdvanii collectors….and even copists …along with her famous beehives from 1990-1992, her hairdos from the first sleek “piscine” caps which were meant to be worn with her amazing wigs, Mdvanii’s hairdo’s in general have always been a strong influence for fashion doll people of every kind ….

“Plaza” Mdvanii with her spectacular removable beehive wig with a ponytail.
1996, SW Japan Exclusive, one-of-a-kind, Private Collection.

Eugenia Mdvanii – St Gallen embroidery on lamé brocade

Space Geisha Mdvanii