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Frocking Life – The Work of Elsa Schiaparelli by BillyBoy*, to be published by Rizzoli International

Last month, Rizzoli International has signed me, BillyBoy*, to publish my memoirs regarding my Schiaparelli collection. The book, which has taken nearly 35 years to write and complete, has interviews with all the people I have known in regard to Schiaparelli and the book will include all the anecdotes and information I gathered and recorded in a chronological way, simultaneously talking about my personal relationship to these people. The second book is about my life in general as an artist and all the people I have worked with or have known.

I am very excited to see this book through to publication, I have the Senior Editor and a special second editor helping me to edit the book…. and I look forward to finally sharing my experiences in regard to my most favourite subject, Elsa Schiaparelli, with the world.